About us

It all started with a college project and the task to design a product that would ecoconsciously benefit every coffee-drinking person. Dealing with this topic made us pretty speechless: 62 billion coffee-to-go cups and lids end up in the garbage every year. Stacked on top of each other, this chain of garbage would circuit the earth 52 times!

With this project we not only want to improve the experience of drinking coffee-to-go, we also want to make people aware of these existing environmental problems - while improving the environment at the same time. We worked hard on creating a product that reduces the negative environmental impact by 50%. Our product is called Recover -  a reusable lid for disposable coffee-to-go cups.

Recover is made out of a long-lasting bio-based plastic that helps reduce environmental pollution - instead of adding to it. The lid opening is larger than those of conventional lids, which allows for a better flow of coffee, and the concave form of the edge further improves the overall drinking experience. In addition, the ventilations disc now gives you control over how warm or cold you want your coffee to be. We ensure that Recover will tightly seal your coffee wherever you go (because we made it fit onto the 3 most purchased cup sizes!). It comes with a matching case, that conveniently stores away your lid before and after you use it to avoid any possible coffee stains, so that it can later neatly be washed in the dishwasher at home. The compact shape offers a space and weight reduction of over 70% compared to conventional thermos bottles - perfect for people that are always on the road.

To sum things up: Recover is a multifunctional, high-quality, space-saving and biodegradable lid for your coffee - that simultaneously helps you protect the environment and its resources!

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