We worked long on a product that will give you many advantages while drinking your daily coffee-to-go. Here it is: Recover. A new kind of lid that makes thermos bottles superfluous and your stressful everyday life a bit sweeter. And there's more to come! 


It cannot be denied: The waste that humans produce will always have a huge impact on the environment. Of course there are already many measures to counteract this, but as of right now they aren't enough to ensure a world for the next generations to come. We believe that everyone should start with themselves. So why not start with your daily coffee-to-go?


Do a good deed everyday by using Recover!


Protect your Environment!

Recover is a completely new product. The additional function will give you many advantages compared to a normal lid.


The Material

The difference begins with the material: to protect the environment we use a special bio-based plastic, that is produced from castro oil

In addition to you can use the Recover lid many years. 



The lid opening is larger than those of conventional lids, which allows for a better flow of coffee, and the concave form of the edge further improves the overall drinking experience. In addition, the ventilations disc now gives you control over how warm or cold you want your coffee to be. We ensure that Recover will tightly seal your coffee wherever you go (because we made it fit onto the 3 most purchased cup sizes!). It comes with a matching case, that conveniently stores away your lid before and after you use it to avoid any possible coffee stains, so that it can later neatly be washed in the dishwasher at home.


The Function

The lid has two main functions: 

The Opening

A screw lock lets you easily open and close the drink opening of the lid. And the comfortable sizing of the lid allows for just enough flowing coffee - giving you the impression of drinking out of a coffee cup.


Ventilation disc

The interlocking rotation mechanism gives you control over how hot or cold you want your coffee to be. On cold days simply close lid opening and ventilation disc to keep your coffee warm - or open both to cool your coffee down to a perfect drinking temperature.